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Images of the Past

Senate chamber, 1905.

Ceiling, skylight - circa 1910's.

March, 1951.  Note the brass rail and lack of partitions between the chamber and east and west lobbies.

Views of the Senate in 2002.



The Senate, comprised of 59 members, is located in the north wing of the third floor.

The Senate podium, viewed from the Senate Gallery.

The morning sun lights the east Senate lobby.

A close-up of the roll-top desks, which conceal microphones, computers, and the push-buttons that members use to vote and request assistance from Senate Pages.

The wall covering is a duplication of a design which was painted directly on the plaster walls of the Senate when the chamber was first occupied.

A view from the floor of the Senate looking toward the east side of the President's Gallery.

The center of the Senate ceiling, which at one time included a skylight (see left column) to aid in lighting the chamber.

This bas relief sculpture depicts an American eagle atop the world with out-stretched wings over trumpeting archangels and the products of the Occident and Orient. (Manifest Destiny) Identical sculptures are located on the east and west sides of the ceiling.
Information from A Brief History of the Art in the State Capitol, Mark Sorensen, 1996.

An excellent view of the Senate ceiling in 2002, shortly after its restoration.

View of the rear of the Senate Chamber and Senate Gallery.