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Date unknown.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Glisson.

House ceiling, circa 1910's.


Circa 2004.



The House of Representatives, consisting of 118 members, is located in the south wing of the third floor.

A view of the northeast corner of the House Chamber.

Looking down the center aisle.

Maiden lamp fixture at the rostrum.  The image also depicts the finely crafted woodwork in the chamber.  The maiden newel post lamps were original to the chamber.  These nearly identical fixtures, converted from gas to electric, were located in Massachusetts.

The east gallery of the House at night.

A view of the west gallery.

The lay light, removed during the early part of the last century, was recreated during the 2006 reconstruction of the House chamber.  A study of photographs and a similar fixture in the Iowa Statehouse was undertaken to assure accuracy.  The lay light was originally illuminated by a skylight, supplementing the chamber lighting provided by  windows  and gas lamps.  It is now lighted by dimmable fluorescent lights.

Views of the House ceiling.

More ceiling photos.


Sometime in the past, after they were converted from gas to electricity, the House chandeliers were reconfigured to hang much closer to the ceiling.  (See third photo in the column on the left)  Several years ago more than half of the original parts were used in replicating the earlier fixtures.

The portraits of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas that hang in the House Chamber were authorized by the General Assembly in 1867.  Artist A. E. Darling completed them in 1869.  The portraits were first on  display at the old Statehouse, where Mr. Darling once had a temporary studio.  They have probably been on display in the House Chamber of the new Statehouse since 1877, when the House met there for the first time.
Information courtesy of Brad Bolin, Assistant Clerk of the House of Representatives.