We have attempted to transcribe this publication exactly as it was written in 1881.  Please be aware that some objectionable terms were used at that time.











                Once more we come before the Springfield public with our “DIRECTORY AND BUSINESS MIRROR,” hoping it will give general satisfaction to our many friends and patrons.  With what assistance we could obtain, we have endeavored to make a thorough canvas throughout the city and suburbs – not missing a house to our knowledge – although some few names may have been overlooked or found incorrectly spelled, which, with the best of help, cannot be avoided.

                In about two months we have accomplished the task of canvassing, compiling and printing our work, being only 15 days in the printers and binders hands.

                We find a wonderful increase in the city’s population and improvement, and from present appearances the near future will show substantial gains, both as to population, wealth and prosperity.

                It does not require a microscope for one to perceive that we have nearly double the names of any previous directory, occupying 203 pages of closely printed matter, numbering about 8,000 names, which, if multiplied by the usual number – 31/2 – will give us a population of about 28,000 inhabitants.

                In conclusion, we wish to call attention to the general appearance of our work – its beautiful binding; its artistic and workmanlike typography; its clear and elegant press-work; and, also, the tinted, heavy and substantial paper upon which is impressed the names of over 8,000 citizens of the “CAPITAL CITY” of Illinois.

                To our many patrons we return our most sincere thanks for their very liberal patronage.


                                                                                                                                                J. BABEUF





Anderson L. S., Photographer, first back colored page.

Averill Charles G., Shoe dealer, right-hand top lines.

Barkley J. H. & Co., Furniture, Stoves, etc., left-hand top lines.

Baum J., Marble Yards, inside back cover.

Bennett J. H. H., Sewing Machines, right-hand side lines.

Bressmer John, Dry-Goods, Carpets, etc., pink insert page.

Chicago & Alton Railroad, inside front cover.

Constant John W., Rubber Stamp Works, third front colored page.

Feldkamp & Son, Dyers, first back colored page.

Ferguson B. H., Queensware, etc., left-hand side lines.

Fisher A. A., Pianos and Organs, outside back cover and pink insert page.

Fleury Frank, 505 Druggist 505, bottom lines throughout the book.

Gordon George W. M., Grocer, third front colored page.

Hofferkamp & Bro., Livery Stables, second back colored page.

Kelly J. J., proprietor Jefferson House, third front colored page.

Kikendall J. N., Planing Mill, second back colored page.

Long Charles H., Grocer, Baker and Seed dealer, second front colored page.

Maggenti Louis, Confectionery, first back colored page.

Nees Dennis, Grocer, second back colored page.

Pittman J. A. W., Photographic Artist, outside front cover page.

Springfield Evening Post, outside front cover page, and right-hand top lines.

State National Bank, outside front cover.

Wabash Coal Company, outside front cover.

Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad, pages 231 and 232.

Ward J. W. & Co., Lumber dealers, outside front cover.

Weldon J. D., Merchant Tailor, left-hand top lines.

West End Coal Mines, page 16.

Willett S. J., Merchant Tailor, outside front cover.

Zahn Fred, Merchant Tailor, third front colored page.




City Guide


                Washington street is the dividing line between north and south, and First street between east and west, numbering each way – each block being entitled to one hundred numbers.  The east end will be designated by giving the number and name of the street, but the prefix W. will be used on the west end.

                Of the prominent and well-known streets we make no mention, but merely give the localities of the various isolated streets and avenues:

                Amos av., Douglas av., Doyle av., Governor, Lewis, Lincoln av., New, Pasfield, State, Walnut, etc., are located on the west side, west of College.

                Dresser, Henrietta, High, Revel, Williams, etc., are located southwest of Spring and Edwards.

                Allen, Canedy, Cass, Clay, Cook, Douglas, Kansas, Scarrit, Vine, Wright, etc., are all south of Edwards, running east and west.

                Barret, Cedar, Laurel, Spruce, etc., are in the southeast part of the city, near Wabash shops.

                Bergen, Black av., Enos av., Eastman av., Elm, Enterprise, Lincoln, Reservoir, etc., are in the north part of the city, north of Union.

                Bond, Calhoun av., Cox, Elliot av., Hay, Herndon, Monumental av., Pine, Rafter, Rutledge, etc., are in the northwest part of the city, adjacent to Reisch’s brewery.

                Klein, next west of First, from Jefferson to Miller.

                Ridgely av., first street in Ridgely running east and west.



First Ward – Comprises all that part of the city north of Washington, and east of Tenth street.

Second Ward – Comprises all that part of the city north of Adams, and west of Third street.

Third Ward – Comprises all that part of the city south of Adams, and west of Third street.

Fourth Ward – Comprises all that part of the city south of Washington and, and east of tenth street.

Fifth Ward – Comprises all that part of the city between Third and Tenth streets, and north of Adams from Third to Fifth, and north of Washington from Fifth to Tenth.

Sixth Ward – Comprises all that part of the city between Third and Tenth streets, and south of Adams from Third to Fifth, and south of Washington from Fifth to Tenth.





                The office of Mayor, City Clerk, Comptroller, Treasurer, Assessor, and Council Rooms, are located in the Fifth Ward Engine House, on Monroe between Seventh and Eighth.


Mayor – JOHN McCREERY.                                           City Attorney – THOS. STERLING.

City Clerk – HARRY C. WATSON.                                Comptroller – J. H. McDONALD.

Treasurer – PRESCO WRIGHT.                                      Engineer – JOSEPH LEDLIE.

Supervisor – JOHN NELCH.                                            Sexton Oak Ridge – Wm. F. BICKES.

Marshal – WILLIAM MALONEY.                                  City Prison Keeper – JACOB ALYEA.



First Ward.                                                                           Fourth Ward.

JOHN FOSTER, D.                                                              GEORGE KERN, D.

             ---------- JACOBY, D.                                              RICHARD H. O’DONNELL, D.

ANTONIO VIEIRA, R.                                                       BARTLEY CONLON, D.

Second Ward.                                                                       Fifth Ward

GEORGE RITTER, R.                                                        E. S. JOHNSON, R.

---------- FITZPATRICK, D.                                               JOHN O. RAMES, D.

JAMES WILLIAMS, D.                                                     W. C. WOOD, resigned

Third Ward.                                                                          Sixth Ward

JOSEPH WALLACE, D.                                                     JOHN T. RHODES, D.

JAMES W. SMITH, D.                                                       WILLIAM DRAKE, R.

HENRY GRUBB, R.                                                              H. FAYART, R.



For the Charter Year 1881-82.


                Streets and Alleys – Aldermen Foster, Grubb, Williams, O’Donnell, Rames, Drake, and the Mayor.

                Public Grounds and Buildings – Aldermen Johnson, Vieira, Ritter, and O’Donnell.

                Fire and Water – Aldermen Rames, Kern, Fayart, Jacoby, Williams, Grubb, and the Mayor.

                Police – Aldermen Drake, Ritter, Wallace, Rames, Conlon, Vieira, and the Mayor.

                Gas Lights and Markets – Aldermen Smith, Fitzgerald, Foster, Conlon, Johnson, and Rhodes.

                Ordinances – Aldermen Wallace, Rhodes, Conlon, Fayart, and the Mayor.

                Claims – Aldermen Williams, Jacoby, Fitzgerald, Smith, and the Mayor.

                Miscellaneous – Aldermen O’Donnell, Kern, Jacoby, and Fitzgerald.





                Theodore C. Fountain, Captain; Evan T. Jones, Sergeant; Bernard Hanlon, Isaac N. Withrow, Daniel Pfeiffer, John Franks, N. B. Tomlinson, Ezra Whipple, Henry White, Edward Flaherty, William Flynn, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Gottlieb Burkhardt, Patrick Nolan, William J. Camp, and Jacob Alyea.



            Office of the Springfield Board of Water Commissioners on the south side of Washington between Sixth and Seventh.  H. O. Bolles, George Withey, Obed Lewis, Commissioners; L. R. Brown, Secretary.



Fire Marshal – THOMAS DUNN.                                   Engineer “Button” – J. H. FREEMAN

Engineer “Silsby” – JULES COTTET.                            Ladder Men – H. MILLER, T. O’ROURKE.




            Dr. Albert H. Trapp, President; F. R. Feitshans, Secretary and Superintendent;  A. A. Coats, Frank Hudson, R. P. Johnston, E. L. Merritt, Z. A. Enos, Henson Robinson, David S. Ives, Frank W. Tracy.



                Horace C. Irwin, ex-officio, President; H. C. Watson, Secretary; J. L. Million, M. D.; V. T. Lindsay, M. D.; Geo. W. Morgan, M. D.; B. M. Griffith, M. D.; E. C. Gaffney, M. D.; W. Hope Davis, M. D.



                R. D. Lawrence, President; F. K. Whittemore, Treasurer; John G. Ives, Secretary.



                H. Wohlgemuth, Obed Lewis, James W. Patton, Isaac Keys, Harry C. Watson; Wm. F. Bickes, Sexton.



Supervisor – GEORGE CARPENTER.                                           Collector – HENRY A. BRAND.

Assessor – Wm. H. STALEY.                                                          Town Clerk – HARRY C. WATSON





Circuit Judge – CHAS. S. ZANE.                                    Treasurer – DEBOLD PAULEN.

County Judge – JAMES H. MATHENY.                          Supt. Schools – P. J. O’ROURKE.

Circuit Clerk – Ed. R. ROBERTS.                                    Surveyor – SAMUEL L. GRAHAM.

County Clerk – LOUIS H. TICKNOR.                             Coroner – E. B. BIERCE.
County Attorney – ROBERT B. HAZLETT.



ABLE JAMES A., Auburn.                                                                HANRATTY OWEN, Capital.

BRADEEN A. K., Springfield.                                                           HARNSBERGER G. L., Cartwright.

CARPENTER Geo., Capital.                                                             HERNDON Wm. F., Capital.

CARTER P. S., Loami.                                                                       IRWIN W. F., Salisbury.

CONKLING C. L., Capital.                                                               KENNEDY JAMES A., Springfield.

CONNELLY W. C., Capital.                                                             MATTHEW S. T., Ball.

CRABB J. D., Woodside.                                                                    MUNCE THOMAS, Wheatfield.

DAVIS H. R., Pawnee.                                                                       PEDEN D. W., Illiopolis.

DODD J. E., Talkington.                                                                     PRIEST J. W., Capital.

FAY BRYANT, Island Grove.                                                           ROBINSON Wm. B., Buffalo Hart.

FINNEY Wm., Rochester.                                                                  SPENGLER HARTMAN, Cotton Hill.

FLAGG CORNELIUS, Fancy Creek.                                                TALBOTT Benj. F., Capital.

FREY ANTON, Curran.                                                                      THAYER E. R., Chatham.

GODLEY FRANK, Capital.                                                              TURNER NOAH, Gardner.

GRUBB S. A., Clear Lake.                                                                WARREN Wm. M., New Berlin.

                                                                                             WIGGINGTON JOHN W., Cooper.




                All Masonic Orders meet in their hall in Lewis’ block, Monroe street, between Sixth and Seventh.

                Springfield Lodge, No. 4, meets first Monday in each month.  T. S. Mather, W. M.; J. B. Hammond, Secretary.

                Central Lodge, No. 71, meets second Monday in each month.  A. M. Brooks, W. M.; F. Cleverly, Secretary.

                Tyrian Lodge, No. 333, meets third Monday in each month.  H. B. Davidson, W. M.; H. G. Waldo, Secretary.

                St. Paul’s Lodge, No. 500, meets second Tuesday in each month.  L. W. Shepherd, W. M.; A. R. Robinson, Secretary.

                Springfield Chapter, No. 1, meets fourth Monday in each month.  S. H. Claspill, H. P.; H. G. Waldo, Secretary.

                Elwood Commandery, No. 6, K. T., meets first Thursdays in each month.  Henry Wohlgemuth, E. C.; P. Kane, Recording Secretary.





                Sangamon Lodge, No. 6, meets every Wednesday evening, over State National Bank.  W. A. Young, N. G.; Antonio Frank, V. G.; T. A. Withey, R. S.; Henry Engelskirchen, P. S.; H. O. Bolles, Treasurer.

                Teutonia Lodge, No. 166, meets every Wednesday evening, over State National Bank.  William Helmle, N. G.; Jacob Felber, V. G.; Emil Fritsch, Secretary; J. M. Striffler, Treasurer.

                Prairie State Encampment, No. 16, meets on the first and third Mondays of every month, over State National Bank.  David Simpson, C. P.; W. M. Duggans, H. P.; E. P. Beach, S. W.; W. H. Davis, J. W.

                Schiller Encampment, No. 121, meets every first and third Friday in the month, over State National Bank.  Rudolph Hellweg, C. P.; Fred Walther, H. P.; Fred Weisz, S. W.; George Ritter, Scribe and Treasurer.

                Springfield Lodge, No. 465, meets every Thursday evening, over State National Bank.  A. Orendorff, N. G.; John O. Rames, V. G.; John C. Hughes, R. S.; John W. Withey, P. S.; O. F. Stebbins, Treasurer; J. O. Humphrey, S. P. G.



                Capitol Lodge, No. 14, meets every Monday evening, in the Library Building.  J. P. Lindley, P. C.; C. G. Averill, C. C.; B. F. Talbott, V. C.; S. J. Willett, Prelate; J. H. Freeman, M. of E.; R. A. Higgins, M. of F.; J. D. Roper, K. of R. S.; T. E. Shutt, M. at A.; J. W. Young, I. G.; J. B. Kuecher, O. G.



                Capitol Lodge, Ancient Order of United Workmen.  W. M. Brewer, P. M. W.; S. H. Gehlman, M. W.; V. B. Hummel, Foreman; I. C. Whipple, Overseer; J. L. Holtman, Recorder; A. Friedman, Financier; S. Hammerslough, Receiver; W. P. Grimsley, Guide; B. Hiller, I. W.; A. D. Campbell, O. W.; S. M. Culver, Trustee.

                Springfield Lodge, A. O. U. W.  John T. Capps, P. M. W.; Thomas E. Shutt, M. W.; C. G. Averill, Foreman; ---------- Withrow, Overseer; J. D. Roper, Recorder; M. G. Hall, Financier; C. L. Conkling, Receiver; J. H. Freeman, Guide; John Bryant, I. W.; ---------- Williams, O. W.

                Mozart Lodge, No. 106, A. O. U. W. (German).  Henry Ramstetter, P. M. W.; Samuel Rubly, M. W.; Fred Gehring, Foreman; August Ihlenfeldt, Overseer; Henry A. Brand, Recorder; August Kessberger, Financier; Charles Peterson, Receiver; Nicholas Schmidt, Guide; Nicholas Layer, I. W.; A. Kaiser, O. W.






                German-American Savings and Loan Association, of Springfield, Ill., incorporated July, 1879.  Monthly payments of fifty cents per share of $100 each.  Frank Reisch, President; Alfred Orendorff, Vice President; O. F. Stebbins, Treasurer; Charles Herman, Secretary.

                Workingmen’s Savings and Homestead Association, of Springfield, Ill., incorporated in 1872.  Weekly payments of twenty-five cents per share of $100 each.  F. Hudson, Jr., President; George Ritter, Vice President; Albert Steiger, Treasurer; Jacob Ritter, Secretary.

                Young Men’s Christian Association, opposite post office.  W. F. Bischoff, Secretary.

                Springfield Library Association, corner Fifth and Monroe.  Mrs. Hannah M. Kimball, Librarian.

             Springfield Turn Verein, meets every second Thursday, over Kreigh’s store, South Fifth street.  G. Wendlandt, President; G. Jones, Treasurer; Henry Schlange, Secretary.




Emes Lodge No, 67, I. O. B. B., meets in rear of Temple, up stairs, every first and third Sunday of each month.  B. A. Lange, pres’t; Z, Levy, vice-pres’t; D. Seligman, sec’y; S. Hess, treas.  This lodge belongs to Dist. No. 6; has a relief fund of $2,400, and pays $5 a week to sick brethren.

                Berith Sholem Congregation owns a beautiful temple on North 5th, near State Arsenal, and meets every Friday evening for service.  S. Benjamin, pres’t; S. Rosenwald, vice-pres’t; S. Hammerslough, sec’y; B. A. Lange, treas.

                Ladies Benevolent Society meets first Wednesday in January, April, July, and October, in Sunday-school room, and pays weekly sick benefits of $3.  Mrs. S. Hammerslough, pres’t; Mrs. H. Stern, vice-pres’t; Mrs. C. Seaman, sec’y; Mrs. S. Benjamin, treas.




Springfield Typographical Union have elected the following officers for the ensuing year:  JOHN E. ALLEN, President; A. M. BARKER, Vice-President; A. T. SCHLICK, Financial Secretary; HOWARD WILLIAMS, Recording Secretary; TIMOTHY COLLINS, Treasurer; LOUIS J. BENDER, Sergeant-at-Arms; JOHN ANKROM, P. J. DOYLE, CHAS. BRADLEY, THOMAS THORPE, ARTHUR S. HOAG, Executive Committee.






                First – Corner 7th and Capitol av.; Rev. James A. Reed, pastor.

                Second – Corner 4th and Monroe.  No pastor at present.

                Third – Corner 6th and North Grand av.; Rev. E. S. Michael, pastor.

                First Portuguese – Corner 4th and Madison; Rev. Antoine Liet, pastor.

                Second Portuguese – Corner 8th and Miller; Rev. Manuel Piers, pastor.



                Central – Corner 4th and Capitol av.; Rev. F. D. Richards, pastor.

                German – Capitol av. Between 5th and 6th; Rev. Wm. Papenhausen, pastor.

                Union (colored) – Corner 12th and Mason; Rev. Mr. Robertson, pastor.

                Zion (colored) – Corner 9th and Carpenter; Rev. George Brents, pastor.



                Corner 5th and Jackson.  New edifice; J. B. Allen, pastor.



                Corner 5th and Edwards; Rev. R. O. Post, pastor.



                English – Corner 6th and Madison; Rev. B. F. Crouse, pastor.

                Trinity – Third, near Washington; Rev. B. F. Lochner, pastor.

                Evangelical – St. John’s – Corner 3d and Washington; Rev. L. W. Graepp, pastor.



                First – Corner 5th and Monroe; Rev. T. A. Parker, pastor.

                Second – 325 North 5th; Rev. W. S. Matthew, pastor.

                German – Corner 7th and Mason; Rev. J. P. Miller, pastor.

                St. Paul’s (colored) – East side 4th, near Reynolds; Rev. J. Dawson, pastor.



                Church of the Immaculate Conception – Corner 7th and Monroe; Rev. Patrick Brady, pastor; Rev. Patrick Bourke, assistant pastor.

                St. Joseph’s – North 6th, near Convent; Rev. M. Kane, pastor.

                Sts. Peter and Paul – Corner 6th and Reynolds; Rev. F. G. Leve, pastor.



                St. Paul’s – Corner 3d and Adams; Rev. E. A. Larrabee, pastor.



                North 5th, near Arsenal; Rev. D. Burgheim, pastor.



                St. John’s – Near rolling mill.

                St. Luke’s – South Junction.



                Thursday evening meetings at 509 Monroe (up stairs); E. R. Ulrich, leader; no pastor.





                 American Express Co., 322 So. 5th; M. G. Hall, agent.

                U. S. and Pacific Express Co’s., 203 South 5th; J. W. Carter, agent.



                Western Union Telegraph Co., northwest corner 6th and Monroe; W. W. Kelchner, manager.

                Central Telephone Co., over 214 South 5th.



                Chicago, Alton & St. L. R. R. – Depot corner 3d and Jefferson.  J. C. McMullin, gen. supt.; James Charlton, gen. pass. agent; J. P. Lindley, local ticket agent.

                Ohio & Mississippi R. R. – Depot corner 5th and Madison; C. M. Stanton, div. supt.

                Illinois Central – Depot corner 5th and Madison; T. J. Hudson, div. supt.; James E. Hudson, freight agent.

                Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific R. R – Depot corner 10th and Washington; Robert Andrews, gen. supt., Toledo; H. F. Clark, div. supt., Springfield; H. C. Townsend, gen. pass. agent, St. Louis; Theo. McEuen, local ticket agent.

                Springfield & Northwestern R. R. – Depot corner 10th and Washington.  E. B. Hyde, supt.; Fred W. Sutton, auditor.



                Postmaster – Paul Selby.

                Collector – Jonathan Merriam.

                U. S. Marshal – Jacob Wheeler.



   Governor – SHELBY M. CULLOM; $6,000.

   Lieut. Governor – JOHN M. HAMILTON; $1,000.

   Secretary – HENRY D. DEMENT; $3,500.

   Auditor – CHARLES P. SWIGERT; $3,500.

   Treasurer – EDWARD RUTZ; $3,500.

   Att’y General – JAMES McCARTNEY; $3,500.

   Sup’t Pub. Ins. – JAMES P. SLADE; $3,500.

   Adj’t General – ISAAC H. ELLIOTT; $2,000.





                Illinois State Board of Public Charities – FRED H. WINES, Secretary.

                Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners – JOHN MOSES, Secretary.

                State Board of Agriculture – S. D. FISHER, Secretary.

                State Bureau of Labor Statistics – F. H. B. McDOWELL, Secretary.

                State Board of Health – JOHN H. RAUCH, Secretary.

                State Historical Library – A. H. WORTHEN, Curator.

                Branch Census Office, 521 Monroe – FRED H. WINES, Special Agent.

                Signal Corps – A. T. B. JENNINGS, Observer, in charge Post-office.

                State Board of Pharmacy – Herman Schroeder, Adams Co.; Chas. W. Day, Wabash Co.; John E. Espy, McLean Co.; Frank Fleury, Sangamon Co.; Geo. Buck, Cook Co.

                State Board of Dental Examiners – Green V. Black, Morgan Co.; George H. Cushing and A. W. Harlan, Cook Co.; J. J. Jennelle, Perry Co.; O. Wilson, Kane Co.

                Public Administrators – George W. Martin, Cass Co.; George B. Crooker, Christian Co.; Robert C. Maxwell, Logan Co.; Jerome R. Gorin, Macon Co.; Walter A. Clinch, Peoria Co.; R. H. Mann, Randolph Co.; Russell H. Curtis, Rock Island Co.; William J. Conkling, Sangamon Co.; Henry M. Needles, St. Clair Co.; A. J. Mattson, Whiteside Co.  Holding office four years.



                President – JAMES A. GARFIELD.

                Vice-President – C. A. ARTHUR.

                Secretary of State – JAMES G. BLAINE.

                Secretary of Treasury – WILLIAM WINDOM.

                Secretary of War – ROBERT T. LINCOLN.

                Secretary of Navy – WILLIAM H. HUNT.
                Secretary of Interior – SAMUEL J. KIRKWOOD.

                Postmaster General – THOMAS L. JAMES.

                Attorney General – WAYNE MacVEIGH.

     The President’s salary being $50,000; Vice-president’s, $8,000; members of the Cabinet each, $8,000.



                Circuit Judge – THOMAS DRUMMOND.

                District Judge – SAMUEL H. TREAT.

                District Attorney – JAMES A. CONNOLLY.

                Assistant District Attorney – EDWARD T. ROE.

                Clerk Circuit Court – JOHN A. JONES.

                Clerk District Court – M. B. CONVERSE.

                Register in Bankruptcy – N. W. BRANSON and M. B. CONVERSE.

                U. S. Commissioners – L. B. ADAMS and M. B. CONVERSE.




Supreme Court meets the first Tuesdays in June and January.

Appellate Court meets the third Tuesdays in May and November.

Circuit Court meets the first Mondays in February, May and October.

County Court meets the second Mondays in April, July and December.

United States Court meets the first Mondays in June and January.




ILLINOIS STATE JOURNAL (daily and weekly), 315 S. 6th.  Springfield Journal Co., publishers.

ILLINOIS STATE REGISTER (daily and weekly), 514 Monroe. Smith, Clendenin & Rees, publishers.

ILLINOIS FREIE PRESSE (weekly), 415 Jefferson. Fred. Gehring, publisher.

MORNING MONITOR (daily and weekly) 615 Monroe.  T. W. S. Kidd, publisher.

STAATS-WOCHENBLATT (weekly), Register building.  Henry Schlange, publisher.


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